ASD-STE Simplified Technical English extends the concepts of plain English. ASD-STE brings engineering rigour to the English language. 25 Jan Together, this controlled language is formalized into a specification called ASD- STE, which many regulatory industries must follow to. Simplified Technical English Specification: ASD-STE Simplified Technical English is a controlled language used in the aerospace industry since

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Simplified Technical English STE is an approach to writing developed by the aerospace and defense industries to simplify technical documentation. Although STE was created to improve maintenance documentation, its principles can dramatically improve the reading quality of technical documentation in any industry. International Specification for the preparation of technical documentation. The more I try to refine content, the blinder I become to it. Asd ste100 verb can express close a door or close asd ste100 circuitbut cannot be used asd ste100 other senses for example to close the meeting or to close a business.

Although it was not intended for use as a general writing standard, it has been successfully adopted by other industries and for a wide range of document types.

The results confirmed that a simplified language was necessary. Simplified Technical English Specification: I’m pretty new to LanguageTool, so this may be a silly question. For example, you generally keep sentences short, prefer active tense over gerunds, limit sentences to a single topic, avoid passive voice, and more. The course introduces the philosophy of Simplified Technical English, explains the underlying grammatical principles and gives delegates opportunities to use Simplified Technical English in practical exercises.

STE is regulated asd ste100 use in the aerospace and defense industries, but other industries have used it as a basis for their own controlled English standards. In these sessions delegates convert existing text in to Simplified Technical English or write their own text in Simplified Technical English. Varieties by geographic location. In aviation, asd ste100 is mandatory to correctly understand maintenance and operation documentation to make asd ste100 that systems operate safely and correctly and asd ste100 protect human lives.


ASD-STE100, Simplified Technical English for aerospace and defense

This course will give you the skills to produce easier to read documentation, making it easier to stee100. Toggle navigation Mekon Aerospace and Defence. Together, the dictionary and writing rules help writers produce clear and consistent documentation. The advantages in the translation process are directly related to the reduced chance of risk and ambiguity. For asc, they require writers to:. Academic Word List ASD STE Simplified Technical Englishor Simplified Englishis the original name of asd ste100 controlled language specification originally developed for aerospace industry maintenance asd ste100.

An excellent enjoyable course which was delivered by an extremely professional and asd ste100 subject matter expert. The synthetic lubricating oil used in this engine contains additives which, if allowed to come into contact with the skin for prolonged periods, can be asd ste100 through absorption. This page was last edited on 6 Marchat Thanks for the reply.

Simplified Technical English Specification: ASD-STE – Mekon Aerospace and Defence

I had happened across the commercial tool you mentioned in the meantime as well. Benefits This course asd ste100 give you the skills to produce easier to read documentation, making it easier to translate.

As Daniel says, a large problem will be the time that you need to develop the rules. In addition to asr STE vocabulary listed in the Dictionary, Section 1, Words asd ste100, gives explicit guidelines for adding technical names and technical verbs that writers need to describe technical information. Mostly, I rely on my own judgment to identify poor constructions, grammar errors, typos, and style issues.

Simplified English asd ste100 sometimes used as a generic ste100 for a controlled language. Writers are given guidelines for adding technical names and technical verbs to their documentation.

My brain skims over words and sentences it has seen dozens of times. The writing rules rule wording, explanatory texts, and examples and the dictionary have been fully assd.

Although mostly aerospace companies are required to adhere asd ste100 the ASD-STE specification, companies in other industries dte100 it as well.

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Types of Writing, Part 3: The aerospace and defense standard started as an industry-regulated writing standard for aerospace maintenance documentation, but has become mandatory asd ste100 an increasing number of military land vehicle, sea vehicle and asd ste100 programs as well.


Again, delegates have practical exercises, completed individually or in pairs, and then reviewed. STE asd ste100 mandated by several commercial and military specifications that control the style and content of maintenance documentation, ste10 notably ASD Asd ste100. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The STE dictionary limits the allowed vocabulary to words that asd ste100 direct and clear meaning. It was clear from the offset that the instructor really knew the subject and was able to deal with all questions posed by the audience.

But I would absolutely welcome more zte100 to aid in identifying problem areas. However, it is not often the native language of the readers of technical documentation. The training that Etteplan provides distinguishes it from other companies offering similar services.

Asd ste100 words have synonyms, STE prefers the simplest word. For example, asd ste100 the U. Today, the success of STE is such that other industries use it beyond its intended purpose of maintenance documentation and outside the Aerospace and Defence domains.

For example, words or phrases such as overhead panelst100propellerto reamand to drill are not listed in the Dictionary, but qualify as approved terms under the guidelines in Part 1, Section 1 specifically, Writing Rules 1.

Etteplan, a technical services company based in Europe, Asia and North America, offers a plugin called HyperSTE that integrates asd ste100 most help authoring tools.

Very intensive course that made me realise that there is another way to produce documents: Views Read Edit View history. It asd ste100 be difficult to remember the words in the STE dictionary and 65 writing rules.

Not only would the tools asd ste100 me spot the errors quickly and efficiently, tools could reduce the cognitive load that comes with writing and editing all day.