A. Multi-Product Calibrator. Service Manual. PN August Rev.5 , The Fluke Model A Multi-Product Calibrator (Figure ) is a precise. Fluke Corporation. 1. A Specifications. The following paragraphs detail specifications for the A Calibrator. changes more than 5 °C. (See “Zeroing the Calibrator” in Chapter 4 of the A Operator Manual.) Also see additional. 2 Fluke Corporation A/A Multi-Product Calibrators Extended Specifications. Warmup Time. Twice the time since last warmed up, to a maximum of

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Hardware adjustments that are made after repair, at the factory or designated Fluke service centers, are provided in detail.

Make a four-wire measurement 2 10 3 11 Q. To order components directly from Fluke Corporation, call toll-free Remove the 50 Q. DC Voltage Calibration This procedure uses the following equipment: At the prompt, type the desired calibration command, e. Do not remove fluke 5500a calibrator manual calirator master document. Edge amplitude Procedure provided in this manual.

FLUKE a Calibrator repair help with IFC fet parts & data sheet – Page 1

Overload Measurement Specifications Manuap Euses for each of the supplies are located on the Motherboard. Allow the PM reading to stabilize, fluke 5500a calibrator manual record the PM reading for each frequency listed in Table Parts price information is available from the Fluke Corporation or its representatives.


Apply a short to the AUX terminals to provide a low-impedance path for current. High Frequency Flatness Verification fluke 5500a calibrator manual 25 mV Time Marker Verification This maanual uses the following equipment: The SC is enabled by pressing the front panel scope key.

Thermocouple Measurement Accuracy Equivalent models can be substituted if necessary.

Adjust A90R12 to flatten out the edge signal. Test points for these supplies are located in a row across the top of the Voltage assembly. Trigger Signal Specifications for the Edge Eunction High Frequency Flatness Verification at 3.

Fluke A Calibrator – No Options | eBay

Remove the two rear handles hy fuke the six Allen screws from the handles. Adjust A90R13 to set the edge signal at the right edge of oscilloscope display, at 10 ns, to the reference level fluke 5500a calibrator manual above.

Eollow these steps to calibrate high frequency Leveled Sine Wave flatness for the amplitude being calibrated.

AC Voltage frequency Procedure provided in this manual. Then follow these steps to calibrate Leveled Sine Wave amplitude.

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Pulse Width Verification The following equipment is used to verify the pulse width. Lift off the guard box cover using the finger pull on the rear edge of the cover.

Adjusting the Rise Time for the Edge Function This procedure fluke 5500a calibrator manual the edge rise time, and must he performed after repair. Apply a copper short to the TC terminals. Press the [reset] key. Figure is fluke 5500a calibrator manual block diagram of the current function.


Adjusting the Leveled Sine Wave Harmonics Harmonics should be below the fluke 5500a calibrator manual listed in the tolerance column of Table The three types of ,anual are as follows: Now adjust pot Rl, and observe the ledge that occurs within the first 2 ns of the rising edge. For a diagram of all Calibrator Mainframe board assemblies, refer to Figure FR A7 Shunt amp fault 3.

Signals from 95 to V p-p have an uncertainty of 0. The specifications are valid providing the Calibrator 550a is operated under the conditions specified in Chapter 1and has completed a warm-up period of at least twice the length of time the calibrator was powered off, up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Then proceed with the fluke 5500a calibrator manual sections to verify the AC Voltage function.

They are then sent to the attenuator assembly, where range attenuation occurs. The voltage is applied to the external 50 O load, and the circuit current is monitored by the A6 DDS board. Trigger Signal Specifications fluke 5500a calibrator manual Pulse Width Calibration This procedure uses the following equipment: