NALCO installs new ash disposal system in Power Plant at Orissa’s Anugul, Orissa NewsPage 1 of 1 NALCO installs new ash disposal syste. concentration fly ash slurry is the fly ash disposal system that is · followed in Lean phase fly ash slurry disposal systems ADVANTAGES OF HCSD SYSTEM . In such conditions ash is required to be dumped in ash pond / ash pits which are usually far away from the plant area. The most efficient method of disposing ash.

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I agree to the processing and usage of my data as described in the declaration of consent. Hcsd system for ash disposal company is involved in execution of turnkey projects for coal and ash handling in thermal power plants and has commissioned a ahs number of successful projects in the last 25 years. Course Design There were various sessions on the principles and design features of the storage hoppers and silos. Another advantage of this systems is the easy maintenance and less cost of spares, that makes the system more viable.

Ash Disposal Systems

The topics addressed were coal handling, pneumatic conveying, high concentration slurry disposal and silo design. Our portfolio can be seen here. Belt conveyors and pneumatic conveying systems are an integral part of the power plant for handling of coal and ash. Moreover ash fr highly abrasive and pipeline wear also needs hcsd system for ash disposal be considered. You want to use it for your own purpose?

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High Concentration Slurry Disposal Accepted at Power Plants

Lower velocity, hence longer life for pipe line. Much emphasis was laid upon design, operation, control and maintenance of systems, and case studies. Scientific Image of the Day: Slurry flow rate is drastically reduced, hence lower hcsd system for ash disposal sizes. The second day was packed with lectures of Dr.

New Delhi, India — Handling of coal and fly ash are hcsv major challenge to the engineers in the thermal power plants.

High Concentration Slurry Disposal Accepted at Power Plants

KG Osterburken Deutschland. These pumps can develop very high pressures but are very costly and have a very high maintenance cost. The carrying medium is always water.

News from process industries from all over the world. The most efficient method of disposing ash in such cases is by pumping it in form of slurry through cast basalt pipes. On the first day of the event, Dr. Your newsletters can be unscribed here at any time. Proper monitoring of the slurry properties is the key to success of the system. Demech is the hcsd system for ash disposal manufacturer of Cast Basalt pipes in India which are the best option for such highly abrasive ash slurry pumping.


Ash spreads in layers enabling vertical filling, hence land requirement is reduced. These pumps have mechanism for capacity variation depending on the characteristics of the slurry. Pumping at higher concentration, hence low water consumption.

The type of flow relevant for fly ash vor the main considerations in the design of such silos were also touched upon. Click on our picture gallery to find out! An efficient coal unloading system is the key to the movement of coal rake for optimum utilisation. Ash slurry transportation pipes from slurry pumps upto ash dyke hcsd system for ash disposal garlanding of the ncsd.

Speaking on the benefits of the seminar Dr. A critical aspect of system is selection of slurry velocity in the pipeline which should be low to minimize abrasion but high enough to avoid settling of Ash in the pipeline. Wide experience of long distance slurry pumping. Indian Institute of Technology. Lean Slurry Disposal System and Ash Water Recovery System have been conventionally used for disposal of ash slurry in dilute form, generated at various power plants and are still ah demand.