Keyboard Shortcuts for Cubase 4 at The internet’s online database for keyboard shortcuts. Mastering keyboard shortcuts makes Cubase easier to use and is good for your health!. Easy to use: These keyboard stickers are great and cheap way to learn Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo embedded key commands quickly. Icons and text are.

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We produce high quality shortcut keyboards for the best editors and musicians in the industry.

Even now there are way to many focus based shortcuts. Select top track in the track list. The result is that when you work on a hw controller you still have to look and make sure where that god darn focus frame is on the screen as otherwise a button may or may not work. Paste Relative to Cursor. Case – The mastermind behind the coloring of the Revenant. Alt – Left Arrow. Insert Marker Windows only. Case – Professional photographer. You can only assign them once.


Go to Project Start. Some shurtcuts have a function in the arrange window, but when I’m in the lower zone or the Channel Setting window, it has no function, because the focus area with the white border is not on the Arrange Window. Unfortunately, shortcuts in Nuendo are global. Enter Project Cursor Position.

Left Selection Side to Cursor. The default key commands Below, the default key commands are listed according to category.

Logickeyboard MAC Keyboards & PC Keyboards for Steinberg Cubase & Nuendo

Shift – Num 0. We already have the white focus border. Shortcuts, very important in my field.

I’d really like something like that. Get the latest news, tips, product informations, etc.

When the Virtual Keyboard is displayed, the usual key commands are blocked because they are reserved for the Virtual Keyboard. Select bottom track in the track list End Down: I have really longed, not just for a keyboard to give me those shortcuts, – but for a keyboard that has the right kind of feel.


It is imperative for efficiency to have shortcuts in your toolbox. I never remember shortcuts, I’m terrible. Toggle Triplet Alt -. On the other hand Settings Shift – F3 Inline: Shift – Down Arrow.

Select bottom track in the track list. Key Commands Shift – F4 Inline: I feel like the video had a really good message and plenty of substance. Meaning one could use the same shortcuts in different areas, also making them neundo easier to remember.

As now, there’s little use to most shortcuts if you’re not exactly in the window they work in. Shift – Right Arrow.