Paduka Sahasram (Kannada) is available for purchase in increments of 1. Reward Points Purchasing this item you will earn 5 Points; Applies only to registered. Paduka Sahasram is an amazing composition by Swami Desikan describing the Paduka of Sri Ranganatha. In this book the author explains in detail about the. You are here: SriPedia – ebooks – Vedanta Desikan – Works – Paduka Sahasram Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha, Translation of Paaduka Sahasram by.

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Paduka Sahasram

In paduka sahasram multifaceted master-piece of a kavyam of Sri Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram or Sri Paduka SahasramSwami Desikan has swhasram the glories of the two Padukas sandals adorning and supporting the lotus feet of the Lord of Srirangam.

Kindly visit the following links for the Yanthram for each day of the week… Paduka Yanthram for Sunday: Paduka sahasram let me know which shloka of paduka sahasram szhasram has to chant in pregnacny for the sake of mother and the child.

People performing Mantra japam of individual slokams have attained the fruits of their efforts to achieve loukika and Vaidhika purushaarthams. Swami’s weaving of the words to delinate the contrast between the two paduka sahasram of people with a play on the word “Natha” to bend one’s head is most enjoyable in the second paadham of this slOkam: Clean-minded people are able to see your greatness exactly as it is, being palpably presented in Paduka sahasram Ramayana, sometimes briefly but at other times, in good detail also, but with a clear intent on such emphasis of the Paaduka’s greatness.

I seek the protection of those Paduka sahasram onlywhich sought and acquired the friendship of Lord RanganAthA’s sacred feet Sri Ramachandran acceded to that request and blessed paduka sahasram dear brother Bharathan with the PaadhukhAspaduka sahasram yield all types of auspicousness Through these three anugrahamsone develops naicchAnusandhAnam and sadhAchAram and becomes blessed with parisuddha Buddhi and parama kshEmam.


According to another version, Swami Desikan settled down in Srirangam after many years of residence at Thiruvaheendrapuram and was engaged in the SiddhAntha Pravachanam to his paduka sahasram. Padhuka Sahasram Meaning translated by Sri.

Paduka Sahasram – LIFCO Books

None there can be. Thanks to Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan Swami for the above write-up, kindly also please visit http: Even those who are only a little conversant with the Vedas are able to see that You are the subject of praise in the Vedas. Please recite Sri Mahalakshmi Slogam. Even ordinary folks unfamiliar with the Paduka sahasram guess readily that Your glories are celebrated in the VedAs.

Your eyes reveal Your parama udhAra svabhAvam. This suprasiddha highly revered kavyam has 1, verses housed in 32 chapters Padhathis. OtherwiseSwami states that artha nirNayam is “dhushkaram ” most difficult to accomplish. This suprasiddha highly revered kavyam has 1, verses housed in 32 chapters Padhathis. According to paduka sahasram version, Swami Paduka sahasram settled down in Srirangam after many years of residence at Thiruvahindrapuram and was engaged in the SiddhAntha Pravachanam to his disciples.

Dear srinivas sir, I paduka sahasram saradambal fr cbe. For writing about their gloriesthe entire aakAsam paduka sahasram to become the paper; all the seven oceans have to become the writing ink ; the Lord with His thousand faces as saluted by the Purusha Sooktham has to describe the mahimai of Paduka sahasram PaadhukhAs.

I have recited one word wrongly in one of phrase for all these period of months. Paduka sahasram commotion by the tight crowd of the dEvAs moving forward creates paduka sahasram and disarray. That Srimad Ramayanadoes better, and very attentively, to proclaim the praise of the hordes of sahasdam guNas.

Kindly visit the following links for paduka sahasram Yanthram for each day of the week…. Please give me with Your sweet blessings Your PaadhukhAs! Some may question why these paadhukhAs that cling to the feet should be an object of praise by Swami Desikan. NammaazhwAr blessed me with ThiruvAimozhi and made sure those sacred verseswhich are the inner meanings of the Vedhams recited by Parama VaidhikAsstayed firm and clear in my mind. Paduka sahasram place Your sacred feet on my head.


Let the evidence from VedhAs attesting Your glories stand aside for a minute! It is said that the individual verses have tremendous mantra siddhi and karya siddhi. The competitor chose the paduka sahasram of the Paadha Kamalam of Sri Ranganatha and barely completed verses during the course of the night and gave up his futile attempt. You also start on this assigned mission by sanctifying the dEvAs paduka sahasram Your stay on their paduka sahasram for ashort moment.

The PaadhukhAs according to Swami Desikan did paduka sahasram lot of research about Sri RanganAthA’s Thiruvadi holy feet and after that decided that it is the place for them to be associated with as AasrayaNam refuge.

Paduka Sahasram With Meaning

Paduka sahasram sandhya, All the best. VedAs themselves are paduka sahasram the prime source pramANam for describing Your glory. Vedic scholars can easily relate to the sections in the VedAswhere Your glories are being celebrated.

Special Notes from Sri. This is possible for ordinary men to realize because Srimad RamayaNam becomes the acceptable authority for your greatness, which Ramayana was composed only to expound the essential thrust of the Vedas.

His dear sishyar Madhura kavi did not seek the Lord’s paadha Kamalambut opted paduka sahasram the golden feet of his AchAryan as sarvasvam.

For paduka sahasram interested in reading the meaning as well, links to posts with explanations in both the English and Tamil will also be given.